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Welcome to Humanists Doing Good!

We are a nonprofit and nonreligious community of compassionate and rational people doing good for the sake of good. We are people learning, socializing and volunteering together. We are always looking for more people to join our cause and invite you to learn more about our organization and our beliefs. You just may be surprised to learn that great minds such as Albert Einstein have shared our vision.

Humanists Doing Good focuses on improving our lives by improving the lives of others.

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    Oct. 20th, 2016 - Learning To Make Sleeping Mats For Homeless Individuals

    We are seeking people who are willing to learn how to crochet simple sleeping mats made from plastic bags that will later be donated to homeless individuals. No prior experience with crochet is necessary to participate and we will have a person teaching everyone the required steps.

    If you can bring extra plastic bags to donate to the effort, they will be helpful. It will also be helpful (though not required) if you can bring crochet needles and/or scissors to this event.

    A video showing an example of the sleeping mats can be viewed at the link below:


    When: Thursday, October 20th from starting at 6:00 pm to roughly 8:00 pm

    Where: Garden Room at The Commons (625 27 1/2 Road - Park in the parking lot at the rear of the building and enter through the external Garden Room entrance)

    Click here to RSVP via our meetup site.

    Oct. 15th, 2016 - UniversiTea: Letter To A Christian Nation

    Humanists Doing Good is encouraging everyone to read Sam Harris' Letter To A Christian Nation. This short book is Harris' response to the thousands of letters he received from Christians excoriating him for not believing in God. Sam Harris is an American author, philosopher, best-selling author and neuroscientist.

    We will discuss the book and the topics it raises while enjoying some tea and likely some snacks. We have a couple of copies of the book that we can lend to people. Our community library system has copies of the book in print and digital formats. It is available from other sources such as audible.com and iTunes. Even if you are unable to read the book, we encourage you to join us for the discussion.

    "I dare you to read this book…it will not leave you unchanged. Read it if it is the last thing you do." — Richard Dawkins

    "It’s a shame that not everyone in this country will read Sam Harris’ marvelous little book. They won’t, but they should." — Leonard Susskind, Felix Bloch Professor in theoretical physics at Stanford University

    When: Saturday, October 15 from 10:00 am - Noon

    Where: Garden Room at The Commons (625 27 1/2 Road, GJ - Park at the rear of the building and enter through the external Garden Room entrance)

    Click here to RSVP via our meetup site.

    Oct. 9th, 2016 - Helping at Roice-Hurst Humane Society

    We will be assisting with more administrative duties (cleaning and organizing supplies, preparing mailings, etc). If you would like to work with the animals directly (during or after the event), you will need to go through the official Roice-Hurst Volunteer Orientation.

    Dates and forms are posted on their website: https://rhhumanesociety.org/volunteer/).

    Participants must be at least 16 years old. Please wear your yellow volunteer shirt if you have one available.

    When: Sunday, October 9th from 8:00 am - 11:00 am

    Where: Roice-Hurst Humane Society at 362 28 Road, GJ (meet outside the front door to the main building)

    Click here to RSVP to volunteer via our meetup site.




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