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Request a Good Deed for Others

Have you identified a group or individual in need of a good deed being done? Have you identified a person who could use some assistance which is otherwise not on the way? We are often in a position to help. We do not offer financial assistance, but we do organize and mobilize our volunteers to go out on a regular basis and do good deeds for others. In order for us to be most effective, we need people keeping an eye out for people in situations where they could use some legitimate help. To send out our volunteers, we must first be aware of where they could do some good.

When making a request to assist others, please provide us with as much relevant information as possible. Provide us with the appropriate contact information, location and suitable dates and times. The more information you provide to our staff, the better job we can do at properly matching our resources to accomplishing the good deed successfully and in a timely fashion.

All requests are evaluated based upon our Humanist principles and the merits of the deed being done. Please understand that we have limited resources and volunteers, so not all requests can be fulfilled. We also ask that you not abuse the good will of our volunteers. When our volunteers arrive they are there to do a well defined task and are trying to do good without strings attached. We ask that you be respectful of this and not add to their tasks or abuse their good will. Any misuse of our volunteers will result in all further requests being declined.

Accidents can and do happen from time to time. We ask that you be understanding of any incidental damages which may occur during the process of our volunteers trying to do good for others. We like to say that "All good deeds must go unpunished." We will do our best to remedy any damages for which we feel we are responsible, but our volunteers should not be worrying constantly about being sued as they go about trying to do good. We must bring common sense and understanding of good will back into the equation in our litigious society.

Sometimes the greatest positive impacts come from seemingly small good deeds which help people realize they are not alone and that kindness and goodness still exist.


"Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves." -George Linnaeus Banks


PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW TO REQUEST A GOOD DEED FOR ANOTHER (Please call 970-623-2598 if you experience any difficulties)

Your Name *Please enter your preferred name.
Your Email *Please enter your preferred email address to be contacted at.
Your Phone *Please enter your preferred phone number to be contacted at.
Please explain the situation. *Please provide a detailed description of the situation so that we can best determine if we are able to assist and in what manner we may be able to help.
Name of the recipient. *Please enter the preferred name of the person who would be receiving assistance.
Where would the help be provided at? *Please provide the physical location or address.
Please enter the dates/times we could potentially help.If there are specific dates or times that work best or that are known to not be available, please let us know.
Are you able to volunteer to help us do this good deed? *Are you both capable and willing to help us carry out the good deed?
Are you able to donate to help us carry out this good deed? *Donations help us carry out good deeds currently and in the future. Please consider whether or not you are capable of making a donation to aid us in delivering help.
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