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Guest Presentations

Would you like to be a guest presenter at a Humanists Doing Good meeting or event? We welcome guest presentations on a wide variety of topics of interest to Humanists. Humanism is strongly interested in sharing knowledge and learning and there are few better ways that we can share information than by having people with expertise and experience offer to share their information with others.

Some popular topics for Humanists include (but are not limited to):

  • Good for the Sake of Good
  • Compassion
  • Intellectual Freedom and Rationality
  • Human Rights
  • Promotion of Peace
  • Women's Rights
  • LGBT Rights
  • Evolution
  • Secular Government
  • Secular Education
  • Scientific Integrity
  • Reproductive Freedom
  • Defense of Religious Minorities
  • Personal Liberty
  • Ethics
  • Civil Rights

If you are interested in being a guest presenter, please use the Contact Us link on our site and let us know the topic you are interested in presenting and any other relevant information.