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Learning is important for Humanists. We value education, knowledge and experience. We understand that you may be curious about learning more about Humanism, about how you can participate in doing good deeds, or you may have an interest in learning more about important topics for Humanists. Our organization takes pride in delivering as much educational material as we can for everyone to consider. We stress the importance of evidence, the scientific method, rationality, fact checking and more.

Our meetings often focus on particular issues of importance to Humanism. A look at our Activism link will show you several topics of interest to Humanists. We acknowledge that the pursuit of truth often involves straying away from popular thinking. Truth has often found itself divorced from religious thinking or the opinion of those with authority. Our search for truth is rooted in honest and critical inquiry. We attempt to let evidence and rationality speak for itself and follow the facts where they may lead rather than try to force the facts to bend to what we may wish to believe.

Humanist meetings and events are often an excellent opportunity for you to be exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking. Humanism also values the wisdom accumulated from different cultures throughout the ages. Unfortunately, there is a lot of nonsense accumulated during that span of time as well. A goal of Humanism is to sift through our collective history for wisdom and to identify follies so that we can apply this learning to the present and our future. We glean wisdom equally from Gandhi, Jesus, Thomas Paine and Eleanor Roosevelt. However, we are not afraid to look for flaws or mistakes in the reasoning of all of them too.

Our educational services involve a sincere and open approach to truth. In the end, we acknowledge that you are responsible for making up your own mind on a variety of challenging topics. Humanists often find themselves discussing topics which many consider taboo. These topics include the typically taboo subjets of religion, philosophy, politics and financial matters. Needless to say, sometimes the discussions get quite lively, but civil discussion should nonetheless be possible even when people disagree.

We invite you to come and learn more about this amazing universe we live in, to learn more about its people, to learn ways you can do good for others and to investigate intellectually honest challenges to many people's formerly unchallenged beliefs. The essence of our learning process is a willingness to be honest, to look for evidence and to be respectful in our listening and challenging of others. Come attend one of our meetings and see what you walk away thinking. We can almost guarantee you'll come away learning something you did not previously know. And if not, we're usually quite willing to let you be a future guest presenter on a relevant topic so that you can share your knowledge with us.


"Wisdom has its root in goodness, not goodness its root in wisdom." -Ralph Waldo Emerson