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Who We Are

Humanists Doing Good is an official Chapter of the American Humanist Association. We operate as a nonprofit corporation (501c3) composed of nonreligious people who work hard to promote the doing of good deeds coupled in harmony with rational thinking. The organization coordinates volunteers who go into the community to perform good deeds for people and organizations where assistance is not otherwise on the way. The organization also works to promote a stable community of individuals interested in learning about the universe we live in while trying to maximize the good we can bring into existence. The organization deals with a wide variety of challenging topics and social issues and encourages open discussion.

Humanists Doing Good is a menagerie of people from all walks of life who have a desire to do good for others in an organized fashion. It is also a community of people with open minds and people who enjoy thinking about challenging topics. Our members are compassionate people who take action rather than stand idle and expect others to take care of everything. Our organization seeks to teach interested people as much as possible about a wide variety of topics of interest to Humanists.

When asked Who Humanists Doing Good are, we must respond that we are a lot of things and a lot of different people. However, we are a group interested in actively bettering our world and a group looking for the truths we can find, wherever the evidence takes us. Our goals are to provide education, foster a sense of belonging and fellowship for our members and to promote bonds between people with compassionate hearts and keen minds.