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Why Who We Are and What We Do Matters

We believe it is extremely important to bring people together into a community focused upon doing good without strings attached. Doing good for the sake of good simply makes the most moral sense and we are hard pressed to think of anything better we can or should be doing. There are two main groups, which are both diverse and potentially large, who benefit from our actions and continued growth. First, there are the recipients of good deeds being done by Humanists Doing Good. These people can range from an elderly person having flowers planted in their garden by our volunteers to racers in the special olympics being cheered on and assisted by our members to a battered mother being helped in a time of need by our volunteers. In other words, who we are capable of helping is nearly limitless.

The second group of people we are capable of helping is our members and potentially you. Doing good for the sake of doing good is rewarding. It also helps people see what it means to be a human being living a good life. It is our belief that doing good for others ends up being good for the person doing it as well. They come to see life differently and they realize they can make a true difference in improving the world, one piece at a time. When most of us look around at the world these days, we are aware that many things are not as we would like them to be, but precious few of us are doing anything active to change that. That's where we come in to organize people who acknowledge the flaws and problems and are willing to take action about them in positive ways.

It is our belief that it is hard to find something that makes you a better person than doing good for others. We are indeed generalists when it comes to doing good. There is not one particular focus or project we feel we must devote ourselves entirely to. Rather, we try to be flexible and respond to the situations we believe we can best address and which we think will do the most good. We could certainly use your participation and/or donations to keep furthering our cause.


"What can you or I do? Alone, almost nothing. Yet one person - you alone - can make the difference... The failure of just one person to join, to participate, to do whatever he or she can - your failure or my failure - may mean that there is just one too few to win the fight for sanity, and so leave the world on the road to destruction. Each of us, all of us, must do what we can." -Archibald Cox