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Outdoor Adventures

Humanists Doing Good's outdoor adventures typically take place on the last Sunday of every month. The majority of our outdoor excursions are hiking trips, but we certainly do other things too. We hike a variety of trails of in our beautiful region and try to go at a pace that is comfortable for the vast majority of people.

We've done things like camp, bike, hike, raft and snowshoe in the outdoors and we're always open to new suggestions as well. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has a good time. Outdoor adventures are a fantastic way to see new places, meet new people,  socialize and share fun experiences together.

Participants must assume responsibility for themselves and need to understand that it is always possible to sustain an injury or experience the unexpected while adventuring outdoors. Check the weather in advance and come prepared for changing weather. You are responsible for bringing the necessary items you will need to successfully participate in whatever event is scheduled. This may include things like water, sunscreen, backpacks, camping gear, etc. Please feel welcome to ask any questions you may have prior to arriving at an event. If you have any medical conditions that we should be aware of, we ask that you please inform our Outdoor Coordinators before participating in an event.

Click here see the upcoming events on our meetup site.

Rafting to clean the river
Hiking Crag Crest Trail
Hiking Crag Crest Trail
Hiking the Palisade Rim Trail
Snowshoeing on the Grand Mesa