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Fellowship and Socializing

Humanists Doing Good constantly encourages its members to socialize with one another not only during formal events and meetings, but whenever the opportunity presents itself. Our goal is to have a community of individuals who know each other by name and who are happy to spend time with one another in a variety of social contexts. We encourage our members to try new things and to break out of traditional social scenarios. For instance, we encourage our men to socialize by learning some gourmet cooking together - which may be a nice change of pace for whomever normally does the cooking - instead of just opening up the barbecue and cracking open the beers. We encourage people to spend time looking at the stars with one another and sharing knowledge. We encourage our members to read books together and discuss them. We encourage our members to dive into the deep end of many of life's greatest mysteries with a willingness to admit that there are things which remain unknown. 

As a community, we are very open to people coming forward with new ideas of things they would like to try or do to stimulate thinking, encourage socialization, break the norm and to just have some fun. A simple way of thinking about it all is that we like to take the best aspects from various social clubs and churches and strip away as much of the stuff that most people don't like as possible. Everyone should have a sense of belonging and should feel valued as a unique individual.


"You should also appreciate the goodness around you, and surround yourself with positive people." -Nadia Comaneci