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Humanists are working globally to build a coalition of people who know that we should be working hard to dispel harmful myths, teach positive values and provide an education which promotes the unity and common good of people rather than division. We explore issues based upon evidence, the scientific method and sound reasoning. Our goal is to eliminate prejudices and divisive thinking and replace them with a rational approach to the acquisition of knowledge. Unfortunately, there is often a great deal of social ostracism and discrimination toward those who embrace proven methods of effective knowledge gathering by those who embrace belief systems full of superstition, dogma, discrimination and the unquestionable authority of certain books. This often leads to individuals feeling like outcasts in their society for simply thinking differently or for asking good questions and having a differing view. 

While there are an estimated 1.1 billion nonreligious people in the world, these people have typically been ostracized and discriminated upon by different dominant faiths. A fact of our own situation is that we live in a conservative and predominantly Christian area. It can be quite difficult for people who are not members of that particular group to feel a sense of belonging, fellowship and a connection to their community without finding others to associate with.

Humanists Doing Good Public Educational Policy and Advocacy

A priority of Humanists Doing Good is to reduce discrimination against minority groups, including nontheists, the LGBT community, the poor, and people of minority faiths. Exposing people to legitimate challenges and concerns about various belief systems and methods of knowledge acquisition is also a priority. Humanists Doing Good supports a pluralistic society and supports both freedom of and freedom from religion. No longer should it be taboo to discuss and evaluate religions and their goods and harms to society, progress and individual well being. Humanists Doing Good will work to share information regarding Humanist thinking and to educate others about Humanist issues.

Regular meetings will typically also serve as educational opportunities for members. Guest speakers on a variety of subjects of relevance to Humanism are always welcomed. Continual education and personal development are pillars of our philosophy.