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Join Humanists Doing Good

We're pleased to know that you're interested in joining Humanists Doing Good. We're always in need of people with compassion in their hearts and rational minds. We want to assure that we're a proper fit for you and invite you to attend one of our regularly scheduled meetings, to contact us to discuss things further, and to read through our website and learn about our community. Please do not hesitate to attend our meetings/events prior to becoming a member. When you feel like you're ready to get involved and ready to start doing good with others in an organized fashion, complete the form below and we'll get back to you in a timely fashion.

Our annual dues for membership are $35 for an individual and include a volunteer shirt, voting rights and other perks, such as priority reservation on limited space events and discounts to some events. Annual dues for a family are $50 and include two shirts and voting rights for two present voting family members and other perks. Payment can be delivered in person at one of our events or made payable to Humanists Doing Good and mailed to the following address:

Humanists Doing Good
PO Box 3434
Grand Junction, CO  81502

COMPLETE MEMBERSHIP FORM BELOW (please call 970-623-2598 if you experience any difficulties)