May 16th, 2015 - Headless Chicken Hang Out & Scavenger Hunt

Join Humanists Doing Good as we venture to one of the nation's most unusual festivals that happens to take place in our own backyard -- The Headless Chicken Festival. We'll be venturing to the Fruita festival to hang out with one another and have some laughs. Visit some of the local establishments and enjoy a beverage, play some games, meet some new people, ride the rides and be a little silly with good company. We plan to have a scavenger hunt for anyone who is interested too.

You're encouraged to wear your yellow Humanists Doing Good shirt if you have one available (but don't let not having one stop you from coming).

Our adventure will begin as we meet at the headless chicken statue in front of Aspen Street Coffee. Please arrive on time and plan for it being a little challenging to find parking during the festival. Look for others in yellow HDG shirts and we'll set off from there.

When: Saturday, May 16th at 7 pm

Where: Meet at the metal chicken statue in front of Aspen Street Coffee (136 East Aspen Street, Fruita)

Click here to RSVP on our meetup site.

May 9th, 2015 - Volunteering to Help Build Monarch Butterfly Way Station

A few volunteers from Humanists Doing Good helped with the initial steps of building a monarch butterfly way station that the butterflies can stop at on their migration path to Mexico. Volunteers weeded and tilled the ground where the way station is being created at the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens. The next step will be planting the area with plants that are preferred by the monarch butterflies.

May 7th, 2015 - Volunteer for Fire Preparedness Campaign

The local Red Cross Chapter is currently working on a home fire preparedness campaign to lower the amount of house fires that occur in the Valley. Red Cross is accomplishing this by going into homes and testing and installing new smoke detectors. Humanists Doing Good will be assisting on Thursday, May 7th and we will be canvassing door to door in 3 neighborhoods in Fruita to get the word out about what will be happening in there area on Saturday, May 9th. We will be meeting at Fruita Monument High School at 6:00 pm.

When: Thursday, May 7th at 6:00 pm

Where: Fruita - Meeting at Fruita Monument High School

Click here to RSVP on our meetup site to volunteer.