Vision Statement of Humanists Doing Good

Humanists Doing Good hopes to promote doing good deeds for the sake of good without other expectations being placed upon recipients. It hopes to foster additional kindness and selflessness in communities while looking at problems through the lenses of compassion and reason. Humanists Doing Good acknowledges that churches can and often do provide valuable services to communities, but that these services are typically rendered with many attached expectations. Humanists Doing Good aims to match needs with compassionate actions. It also aims to match volunteer efforts to solving community problems and toward providing solutions for people with pressing needs. In time, it is our hope that Humanists Doing Good will stand as a viable alternative to standard religious services, provide abundant educational material based upon true academic information and reason, will stand as a proud pillar of compassion in the region, and establish a thriving community of diverse individuals interested in bettering their lives and those of others. It is our goal to provide a fertile environment where a community of individuals interested in living ethical lives and who wish to do good deeds may congregate and flourish. We hope to educate communities that despite differing beliefs and backgrounds, the common threads of kindness, compassion and friendship can unite us all. Humanists Doing Good seeks to transform donations and funding into the greatest possible positive results in the general community and in individual lives.