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Aug. 27th, 2014 - Movie Night: The Hitch

Humanists Doing Good will be showing a documentary about Christopher Hitchens. He was a British-American author, polemicist, debater and journalist. One of his more famous books is titled God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. His confrontational style of debate made him both a lauded and controversial figure. He berated such public figures as Mother Teresa, Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Lady Diana, and Pope Benedict XVI. Many consider him to be one of the most articulate and contrarian intellectuals of his generation.

Love him or hate him, knowing more about him will help you further understand the modern nonreligious movement and one of its central figures. We will use the available time after the documentary for discussion. You are welcome to bring your own food and drink. Guests are also welcome to this showing.

When: Wednesday, Aug. 27th at 6:00 pm

Where: Community Room at the Mesa County Public Library (443 N. 6th Street, GJ)

Cost: Free

Click here to RSVP on our meetup site.

Call 970-623-2598 for more information.

2014 Colorado Secular Conference


·  National Lineup of Speakers, Presenters, and Entertainers.
·  Exclusive Premier of Sunday Assembly Denver!
·  Godless Heathen Comedy Extravaganza featuring; Raul Martinez, Steve Hill, Thea Deley, Church of the Nones and Music by Pale Blue.
·  Luxurious Banquet Dinner with Live Music and Presentations by Hemant Mehta and Seth Andrews.
·  Mini Freethought Filmfest, presented by Andea Steele-Meyer, Freethought Film Festival Foundation.
·  Secular Diversity Expert Panel Discussion.
·  Camp Quest Colorado mini-camp for kids age 6 – 14 and Teen Hangout with video games.
·  VIP Lounge, with Complementarity Beer and Wine (VIP Pass Required).
·  Many Exhibitors and Vendors on Display.
·  Light Rail Station Just Outside Hotel.
·  Special Hotel Rate for Attendees.
·  The Largest Annual Secular Conference this side of the Western Region.

You can now purchase tickets for the 2014 Colorado Secular Conference taking place August 15th - 17th in Aurora. Check out the website for full details at

There is a fantastic lineup of speakers and presenters including:

Seth Andrews - The Thinking Atheist
Greta Christina - Author and Atheist Activist
Jamila Bey - Journalist & Radio Host
Matt Dillahunty - The Atheist Experience TV Program
Hemant Mehta - The Friendly Atheist
Rebecca Hale - President of the American Humanist Association
Fred Edwords - National Director of UnitedCoR
Mikey Weinstein - President of Military Religious Freedom Foundation
Candice Gorham - Founder and Author of the Ebony Exodus Project
Mandisa Thomas - President of Black Nonbelievers
David Tamayo - President of Hispanic American Freethinkers
Amanda Metskas - Executive Director of Camp Quest
August Brunsman - Executive Director of the Secular Student Alliance
Marvin Straus - Local Atheist Legend and a Founder of COCORE

Andrea Steele-Meyer - Freethought Film Festival Foundation -
Mini Filmfest
Raul Martinez - Comedian, “The God”
Thea Deley - Comedian, “Jesus Loves You! (but hates me)
Steve Hill - Comedian
Church of the Nones - Comedy Troupe
Sunday Assembly Denver
The Music of Pale Blue
Also, Camp Quest Colorado, Hosting a Mini Camp for Kids

Aug. 11th, 2014 - The Grand Inquisitor

You're invited to join Humanists Doing Good in reading and discussing The Grand Inquisitor. It is a section from The Brothers Karamazov, which is a literary work by Russian author/philosopher Fyodor Dostoevsky. The central character in this work is a Grand Inquisitor who arrests Jesus. It is told by Ivan, who questions the possibility of a personal and benevolent God, to his brother Alyosha, a novice monk. The Grand Inquisitor is an important part of the novel and one of the best-known passages in modern literature because of its ideas about human nature and freedom, and its fundamental ambiguity. We also plan to have some general discussion about how everyone thinks Jesus would be treated if he were to come back to the modern world, both as if he were a normal man or as the miraculous (a bit of a thought experiment). This will allow an opportunity for everyone to join in the discussion, even if there hasn't been time to read The Grand Inquisitor.

When: Monday, August 11th at 7 pm

Where: Traders Coffee (666 Patterson)

Click here for more information or to RSVP on our meetup site.

Aug. 7, 2014 - HDG Booth at GJ Farmers Market

Humanists Doing Good will have a booth at the Grand Junction Farmers Market on July 10th beginning at 5:30 pm and lasting until 8:30 pm (setup starts at 4 pm and take down is usually completed before 9 pm). If you would like to volunteer to help with our booth, please let us know. Volunteers interact with people who stop by the booth and often assist with setting up and taking down everything. We are happy to train any willing volunteers on how we run the booth and new ideas are always welcomed. You can play a part in helping us to connect with other nonreligious individuals and in helping us raise awareness about humanism and our organization's efforts.

Free parking is available in the parking structure on 4th and Rood is available during the farmers market.

When: Thursday, Aug. 7th

Where: Main Street in Grand Junction

Click here to sign up to volunteer on our meetup site.

Aug. 2nd, 2014 - Social Brunch

Get involved, get active and get to know each other!

Newcomers, families, friends, volunteers and more are most welcome to join us for our first social brunch. Come and mingle, eat some delicious food and grow your connections with people from our chapter who share similar interests. Get further involved, share your ideas and ask any questions you might have.

We ask that everyone please bring something to share with others and we would appreciate it if you could let us know what you plan to bring so that we have everything covered. You can post your item on our meetup site, call us at 970-623-2598 or respond to this email.

We look forward to seeing you!

When: Saturday, August 2nd from 10 am - noon

Where: Garden Room at The Commons (625 27 1/2 Road, park in the rear parking lot and enter the external Garden Room entrance)

Click here to RSVP on our meetup site.