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Volunteer To Do Good

Becoming a volunteer is a very rewarding experience. Chances are good that since you're reading this you have a strong interest in doing good deeds for others simply for the sake of doing good. Our organization stresses helping others without strings attached or hidden agendas. We encourage all our members to volunteer on a regular basis. However, we want good deeds to come out of an individual's own desire to help others and not because people feel obligated or mandated to do so. Opportunities to volunteer are diverse and constantly changing. Some may require physical assistance, others may require providing emotional support and yet others may only involve mentally solving problems. Volunteers choose which good deeds they would like to help with and can decline any request.

There are always people in our area who are in need of assistance. We coordinate our volunteers to try and do the most good we can do for others and we are willing to work with organizations to accomplish projects. A goal of ours is to increase the number of people who are actively going out and helping others because they want to. You can become one of the people who inspire others to get involved and help. Our belief is that doing good is contagious.

If you have an interest in doing good for others and want to experience the good it does for you in the process, we invite you to become a volunteer. Please fill out the form below with as much relevant information as possible so that our coordinator can best match your availability to identified needs. All volunteers are also required to physically sign a volunteer waiver before participating in volunteer events. You will complete the volunteer waiver at a later time.


"To talk goodness is not good... only to do it is." -Chinese Proverb


PLEASE COMPLETE THE VOLUNTEER FORM BELOW (please call 970-623-2598 if you experience any difficulties)

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Do you have any medical conditions you would like us to be aware of and that may affect your ability to volunteer?If you believe you have a medical condition that our staff should be aware of so that we can respond appropriately and so that we can try to appropriately make use of your skills during volunteer events, you can choose to make us aware of it here.